Stop struggling with heavy bags and start on your journey of travelling light!

Do you want to start packing light, but have no idea where to start?

Watch this FREE VIDEO as I explain the FOUR things you need to consider BEFORE you even start packing.

Are you thinking that you'd like to give packing light a go - but are daunted by all the information out there? 

If you are dreaming of packing light but don't know where to start, then here are four simple questions that will start you on the right track for your next travel adventure.

Asking yourself these questions will have you:

  • Thinking about what you need to pack.
  • More of an idea of what you can leave at home.
  • More aware of the questions to ask accommodation providers.
  • Doing more research into the places you are going to.

I wish I'd known these before I started traveling light.

When I first travelled light in 2017, I could really have done with this advice myself, just to set me on the right path.

Traveling light requires plenty of planning when you first start out. You need some thinking time to understand where you are traveling to and what kind of travel you do. 

I launched into traveling light quite blindly and could certainly saved carrying some extra things that I absolutely didn't need. 

Exciting news...I have a mini-course coming...finding the right bag for you to travel light.

I'm launching a mini-course in November which will really give people a kickstart on packing light - starting with "Pick your bag: Let's find the right bag for YOU to travel light"

All the information will be in one place, making it super-easy to just get on and learn.

We'll have a Facebook group, a live Q&A session, easy to follow worksheets - and most of all, it will be fun!

When you sign up to access my video you'll also get first dibs to learn more about my upcoming course on finding the right bag that will suit your travel needs and requirements. 


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