What to pack in your travel capsule wardrobe.

Selecting the right clothes to pack when travelling light is key to your success!  Think light, washable and multi-functional travel gear. Clothes that mix and match create so many outfits for so many occasions. 

Fellow travellers will refer to your travel capsule wardrobe as your bag of tricks!

Staple items for me: Denim shirt, merino tee, merino leggings, white sneakers.

Clothes that have multiple uses are perfect for your minimal travel wardrobe.

Taking clothing items that your can wear in multiple ways is a key strategy in packing light.

My example in this blog is my merino leggings. There are very few times that I leave home without them - one was a recent trip to Sydney - but actually surprisingly I could have used them as hiking leggings. The great thing about merino is that they're also cooling as well as warming. I have no idea how this all works, but I can vouch that it does!

Last year we went boating on Lake Rotoiti in New Zealand. It was a scorching hot day, and in NZ the sun burns really badly due to our depleted ozone layer.

I decided to put on a merino sweater, as covering up is your best defence against skin cancer. I thought I would cook, but I thought I would just have to put up with it.

Surprisingly, I wasn't overheated at all. I just felt comfortable. Not even sweating. This was a real wow moment for me.

I love merino leggings and ankle boots.

Mix and match clothing for light packing.

I tend to stick to a base colour of blue. Others use black as their base colour. From your base colour you then build on items that match the base colour. 

In all the photos here I'm wearing different shades and patterns of blue to mix it up. Sometimes I'll add a contrasting scarf or top. But by having everything working well together you can create multiple looks. 

50 shades of blue!

Layer your light packing wardrobe.

With a wardrobe that mix and matches you can easily layer your clothing. This is what allows you to maintain your warmth in cooler climates. 

With my leggings I often wear them under my trousers as a warm base layer. They are so comfortable. They are not bulky, and they add that essential extra warmth factor. 

Merino leggings as stockings under linen pants.

Merino as perfect flight clothing and as sleepwear.

One of my worst things is being cold. Cold while sleeping and cold on planes are for me, torture!

When the nights are chilly there is nothing better than being dressed in warm nightwear. My merino leggings do just the trick for this! And teamed with a merino tee shirt I'll be sleeping perfectly.

Merino is unrestrictive and incredibly comfortable which make it the perfect flight clothing. 

Have I convinced you yet?

Oh, so comfortable!

So remember my top tips for packing light...

  • Start with a base colour like blue, black, beige, red...
  • Add clothes that coordinate with your base colour
  • Add clothes that layer well.

In no time at all you'll have created your first minimal capsule travel wardrobe. 

The fun begins when you try to see how many "looks" you can create from your well put-together wardrobe.


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