Meet your light travel guide...

Hi, I'm Katherine, the 5 kilo traveller

I was approaching 50 in 2017, when I ventured on a solo trip for four weeks in Croatia and Italy.

This picture is me with all my belongings - just over 5 kilos (11 pounds) in my day-bag about to depart Charlotte, North Carolina, bound for Dubrovnik in Croatia, while my family flew back to New Zealand.

I was all set to head off on my intrepid adventure. At this point I was so nervous! 

What was I doing leaving my family behind? 
Would I survive? 
Did I have enough gear? 
Had I gone completely mad??!!

BUT... the freedom I experienced was unbelievable. Escaping the normal routines of parenting and nursing life I relished every opportunity that came my way. It is so hard to express the joy I felt.

I met amazing locals and travellers of all ages and stages. I became a surrogate  Mum to the young female travellers. I avidly listened to their stories and their zest for life. I think I inspired them to keep travelling. 

Since then I've done more solo and light travels, and I just want to share the ideas with others.

I hope you enjoy my journeys and I inspire you to have some of your own!.


What's the significance of the top photo?

This is none other than the Katherine Gorge in the remote and rugged North Western Australian outback.

Of course, it's somewhere I've wanted to visit for many years. I did go through the little town of Katherine, on a 20 hour bus from Darwin to Fitzroy Crossing back in my youth. But I never got to see the gorge. 

In 2018 on my trip down the intrepid Gibb River Road I got there - it was spectacular!

Some interesting facts about me...

  • I travelled with a 15 - 20 kilo pack in my 20's.
  • I've travelled light in Europe, America, China, Australia and New Zealand.
  • I love nature and hiking to see it.
  • I've been a nurse for over 30 years - and nursing makes you appreciate life E V E R Y  D A Y!!!
  • I grew up on a sheep farm in New Zealand roaming the Ruahine Ranges of the Manawatu. This is quite possibly where I get my merino wool bias from!

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