Learn to PACK LIGHTER for your next trip, so you STOP STRUGGLING with heavy bags, and START ENJOYING your travels.

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Hi, I'm Katherine!

I help travellers, like you, to learn to pack less in your carry on luggage and enjoy your travels more

Join me as I aim to inspire, guide, and gently cajole you to travel light! It's an amazing experience. 

I want to show you how you can carry less but not miss a thing!

You're in the right place if you...

  • Have no idea where to start with how to travel light.
  • Think you need a wardrobe full of travel clothes.
  • You're tired of lugging heavy bags around.
  • Want to pack a well put-together travel capsule wardrobe.
  • Think you can't pack light and pack with style.
  • Are after easier, faster travel.
  • Want greater security, independence, and freedom because everything you have is in your carry on luggage.
Woman sitting in front of houses in Cinque Terre.

Travel light & pack less to enjoy no-hassle travel with just your carry on luggage.

My mission statement:

To inspire people to lighten their luggage (& lives), so that they learn to carry what really matters. PACK LESS, PEOPLE!

Packing light for a 4-week carry-on holiday in London and France in autumn (fall).

What better way to learn about packing light than to hear from someone who has just enjoyed her first carry-on experience - with no lost luggage! My friend and Regency Romance author, Leigh D'Ansey,Read more

How to pack a light, carry-on bag for your next winter vacation.

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Travel light to The Cook Islands!

Updated blog: Thinking of heading to the tropical Cook Islands?   Luxury. Relaxation. Tropical beaches.   Rarotonga has it all, and they're waiting for you.  (There are no affiliates in thisRead more

Don't lose your luggage. 5 tips on how to travel with carry on.

There's been so much in the news lately about lost luggage, and massive delays at airports. It's no wonder people who said they'd NEVER travel with carry on, are changing their minds.  So, I've putRead more

4 easy rules to pack the best travel shoes for your travel capsule wardrobe.

Shoes can be the heaviest and biggest space-consuming items we pack in our travel bags. They take up so much room. Rather than just tossing in 10 pairs and hoping we've got everything we need, thisRead more

6 great walks around Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

If you want a great variety of day hikes with spectacular views you can't go past Lake Tekapo. Set in the McKenzie Country of the South Island, surrounded by mountains, Lake Tekapo offers some of theRead more

3 fabulous reasons to pack a Travel Capsule Wardrobe.

A travel capsule wardrobe gives you a much simpler way of travelling. It takes away a lot of the indecision, the unpreparedness, and the weight of overpacked luggage. We've all got stories ofRead more

5 great tips on how to pack light for a Christmas trip.

Tis the season to be jolly...with a well packed bag!! Are you heading away for a short trip over the Christmas season? Catching up with family and friends? Want to give traveling lighter a go? Then tRead more

7 hostel myths busted - Why you should consider staying in a hostel.

Hostels are a great accommodation option for travellers of all ages. But there are plenty of myths around about hostels. Let me bust some hostel myths and why you should consider staying in aRead more

What is slow travel, and why do it?

Want to know the best way to travel? TRAVEL SLOWLY!   I am huge fan of slow travel. It's been an absolute game-changer in my travel experience, and I'm dying to tell you more. So read on, to hearRead more

Best tip on how to pack light - learn to count the squeezes!

So, you want to pack the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet when you travel? What if you could pack all the liquid cosmetics you use at home and have it all fit in a small toiletry or cosmeticRead more

What's the best travel diary to travel light with?

I LOVE to write, and my favourite writing of all is travel writing - no surprises there ;) A travel diary has always been an absolute must-have in my travel gear. But my diary has evolved over theRead more

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