Learn how to pack light to travel right!

There once was a girl from New Zealand, right?

Who wanted to travel around the world light.

With her 5 kilo bag, and everything at hand,

She's now a light-packing skite!

Join me as I aim to inspire, guide, and gently cajole you into travelling lighter! It's an amazing experience. 

I'm not talking about everyone taking 5 kilos (11 pounds), but just carrying less - whether it be 7/10/12kg - I just want to show you how you can carry less but not miss a thing!

How to travel light with travel tech.

Figuring how to travel light with travel tech takes some planning and some evaluation on what you really need for your travels. What's essential technology for one person is simply not a key item forRead more

Travelling light in NZ - tips from a local.

If you want to travel lighter in New Zealand look no further. Here are my insider tips on surviving the weather here.  Read more

Why a day bag is better than a suitcase!

For those of you who travel with a suitcase - I feel your pain! On my recent trip to New York, I was reminded very clearly as to why I don't travel with a suitcase.  My travel companion travelledRead more

Picking the right bag for light travel.

Selecting the best bag for travelling light is a very personal choice. We all have different objectives and goals. But I've put together a few pointers to consider when deciding on your travel bag.Read more

What to pack in your travel capsule wardrobe.

Selecting the right clothes to pack when travelling light is key to your success!  Think light, washable and multi-functional travel gear. Clothes that mix and match create so many outfits for so maRead more

How to pack light with toiletries and cosmetics.

Toiletries can take up so much room in your travel bags. But I've got some great tips for you to get around this issue. With some thought and planning you'll be replacing your huge toiletry bag withRead more

Top travelling light tips (I was once a heavy traveller too, you know!)

When I went on my big OE (overseas experience) from New Zealand to London in my early 20's I was backpacking for three years. This was never going to be a 5 kilo moment. I needed gear for every seasoRead more

How not to get lost while travelling solo.

Getting lost is the most awful feeling and it's amplified when you are travelling solo. But I've been there, done that, and now I have the solution. Flashback: Perast, Montenegro, 2017 Away for 4Read more

Don't go without - go with less!

I totally get it that we need to take stuff when travelling - but just take less of it! It's hard to believe that this bag contains everything I needed for four weeks of solo travel in Croatia andRead more

How I started light travelling.

Where it all began...  So where did this travelling light come from, you ask?  Well, in 2013 we went on a family trip to the US for five weeks with a focus of visiting their amazing NationalRead more

Why packing light is the best way to travel.

In 2017 I departed on my first (for many, many years) solo adventure. I was super-excited to be spending four weeks exploring Croatia and Italy. I left behind my husband and two teenagers in NewRead more

How to plan for travelling light.

"I love spontaneity as long as it's carefully planned!" Light travel requires a bit of organisation... I quite possibly took this quite a step further...  I had thought that my solo trip to EuropeRead more

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