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Let me show you how to travel with less.

I can teach you how to travel light and travel with ease. You won't look back!

5 reasons people don't want to travel light?

  1. You won't have enough clothes to wear.
  2. You can't afford the special gear.
  3. You don't like day bags!
  4. You like to take things just in case.
  5. You need a lot of toiletries and cosmetics.

Do you want to learn how to travel light...

  • With a perfectly organised, mix & match travel capsule wardrobe?
  • And enjoy easy and stress-free transfers and journeys?
  • And simplify your luggage to simplify your travels?
  • To enjoy greater security, independence, and freedom because everything you have is in your one small bag?
  • To save your back from lugging heavy bags?
  • And take the hassle out of travel?

Join me as I aim to inspire, guide, and gently cajole you to travel light! It's an amazing experience. I want to show you how you can carry less but not miss a thing!

You too can learn to travel light. Pack less and take the hassle out of travel.

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A travelling light rhyme...

There once was a girl from New Zealand, right?

Who wanted to travel around the world light.

With her 5 kilo bag, and everything at hand,

She's now a light-packing skite!!


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