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"Saving the world ONE BAG at a time" - Katherine, The 5 kilo Traveller

Learn to travel with less, even if you don't know where to start. Stop struggling with heavy, overloaded luggage, and start traveling with ease!

What's stopping you from traveling with less?

  • You won't have enough clothes to wear?
  • You can't afford the special gear?
  • You don't like day bags!
  • You like to take things just in case?
  • You need a lot of toiletries and cosmetics.

So, what if I told you I can help you to...

  • Create a perfectly organised, mix & match travel capsule wardrobe.
  • Enjoy easy and stress-free transfers and journeys.
  • Simplify your luggage to simplify your travels.
  • Enjoy greater security, independence, and freedom because everything you have is in your one small bag.
  • Save your back from lugging heavy bags!!!

Join me as I aim to inspire, guide, and gently cajole you into traveling lighter! It's an amazing experience. I want to show you how you can carry less but not miss a thing!

You too can learn to pack like a pro and really simplify your travels.

Check out my latest light packing inspiration on the blog...

To travel light successfully you need the right bag.

Picking the best bag for traveling light is a very personal choice. We all have different objectives and goals. So you need to find a bag that's right for YOU.Read more

Packing light for travel has never been so easy.

It's true! Packing light for travel has never been so easy.  Innovation and design have created the greatest opportunity for travellers to pack with lighter gear. Let me explain more...Read more

No travel? More time for planning your light travels...

While there's not much traveling happening, I'm taking this as a chance to fine tune my travel wardrobe even more. There's always room for improvement or there are items that need replacing.  SoRead more

My travel capsule wardrobe for traveling light.

Do you want to see what I travel with? Well, this is my basic travel capsule wardrobe.  Much like a basic cookie recipe we start with the main key ingredients and then we zhoosh it up a bit withRead more

Learn to travel light to reduce decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is having too much to think about. Your mind is overloaded with decisions and it can become overwhelming.  What will I wear? How much should I take? Where will I stay? How will IRead more

The benefits of traveling light - unpacking!

Unpacking may seem a very strange benefit of traveling light, but it truly is the best! Not only unpacking on the road, but unpacking when you get home makes travel so easy and uncomplicated. I usedRead more

Why people don't want to travel light.

There are a lot of reasons why people don't want to travel light. When I first came across the idea - hey I can put my hand up -I went through all the excuses and reasons why it wouldn't work.  ButRead more

Essential packing for your autumn or spring travel wardrobe.

Who knows when we'll next be travelling, but you know I'm all about planning, right?! Planning for travel in the shoulder-season, or those in-between seasons of autumn and spring are often theRead more

Testing your travel capsule wardrobe in lockdown.

Knowing what goes in your travel capsule wardrobe takes time and planning. You need to get to know how items work in the field, so to speak. Having an understanding of your perfect travel wardrobeRead more

Plan, test and practice your travel wardrobe while in lockdown.

Lockdown is the perfect time to plan, test and practice your travel wardrobe. While now is not the time for travelling while in the COVID-19 lockdown, that doesn't mean we can't be prepared to hitRead more

Stay home, but still get your travel fix while in isolation.

Don't let your travel dreams die while you stay home. I've come up with a list of things you can do from home to keep the travel fires burning and to get your travel fix while in isolation. And asRead more

The similarities between social distancing and solo travel.

Social distancing is all about creating space around ourselves. In this current Covid-19 pandemic it's about reducing transmission of the virus.  For solo travellers it's about giving ourselvesRead more

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A traveling light rhyme...

There once was a girl from New Zealand, right?

Who wanted to travel around the world light.

With her 5 kilo bag, and everything at hand,

She's now a light-packing skite!!


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