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How to travel light with style.

Traveling light does mean you carry a limited capsule wardrobe. But you can travel light with style. 

If everything mixes and matches and with a couple of more stylish items you will be surprised at how great you can feel.

Style is an individual thing. And I am by no means about to preach about what makes something stylish.

I will go so far as to say, style is all about what you feel good in. 

Adding some New York style to my wardrobe!

Choose the best travel clothing that work for your style.

What you feel good in and how you like to travel may be the total opposite of the next person. 

But you know what you like. You know:

  • Where you like to eat
  • Places you like to visit
  • Activities you like to do
  • How you like to look.

And you need to take a travel wardrobe that meets these requirements.

Different trips can mean completely different wardrobes. What I will carry on the Camino de Santiago will be totally different to what I wore in winter in New York, or a week in Fiji.

What you take - must work for you!

For me personally, I'm not into fine dining - especially if I'm travelling by myself. But sometimes I like to just look abit tidier than in my hiking gear. Although to be honest, even on the Amalfi Coast, there was such a mix of travellers and fashion it really wasn't an issue. 

Off for a coffee in upmarket Rozelle in Sydney!

Keep you travel wardrobe simple.

Keeping your travel wardrobe simple is really important when travelling light.

Start with a base colour for your stylish travel wardrobe.

Starting with a base colour like black, navy, taupe or whatever you choose. You can then add items of clothing that go with this base colour.

I'm a navy girl! My home wardrobe consists of a range of blue clothing with the odd pop of colour in peach, purple, yellow, and red. So it makes sense that my travel wardrobe is the same. It's what I know. It's what I feel comfortable in. 

Blocks of colour look smart.

Wearing the same colour tones in layers looks stunning. It's why black on black looks so stylish and stunning during the day or night.

Layering up my blue on blue - even my merino leggings are navy!

The best travel accessories for your travel capsule wardrobe.

A small piece or two of lightweight jewellery can really add a touch of style and class to an outfit.

A necklace that can be worn in multiple ways - shortened or lengthened - also adds that extra bit of versatility to an outfit. 

I have a freshwater pearl necklace that I can wear in different ways- long and short and even as a wrist bracelet. I also carry a layered rose-gold necklace that even dresses up a tee shirt! The only issue I have with it, is that I spend five minutes untangling it every time I get it out of it's bag.

I don't take jewellery that I'm worried about losing - I'm notorious at leaving things behind! Thieves know what expensive jewellery looks like - and I'm not wanting to be a target for these people. 

A light collection of travel necklaces.

Makeup tips for travelers.

I'm not a huge makeup wearer when I travel. But if I do carry makeup I have some great tricks.

Moisturiser with bronzer.

This is such an easy trick for travellers. I find it gives a nice glow to the skin and evens out my skin tone. It's even better still if it also has a sunscreen in it.

With bronzer, a lipstick or gloss I feel like I've made an effort!

Palettes of makeup.

Palettes are brilliant for travelling with. Mine just has four palettes - concealer, highlighter, luminiser, and a lip and cheek colour -  but someone that uses more make-up would probably be better with eight. 

I also carry a eyeliner and brow pencil in one, and a blending brush.

The thing I love most about palettes is that they keep everything in one place. Everything just feels tidy.

I frequently say 'take what you need'. By all means reduce what you take, but don't leave stuff at home that's important to you. 

Confession time: I take hair straighteners!! I need them therefore I take them! They make me feel good. 

Remember: It's all about what works for you.

Even makeup can be minimalised.

Customize your travel wardrobe with something special.

For many it is important to have some nice clothes for evening. For going out to nicer restaurants or shows and feeling comfortable in amongst the crowd.

This is where silk comes in handy. It's lightweight, packs down easily, doesn't need ironing (although I am careful to roll it smoothly when packing it). 

I tend to buy things that I can wear a merino layer underneath to add some warmth.

I have a couple of silk tunic tops and a couple of silk dresses. Together they weigh 200g!!!

I only take one or two of them (mostly just one). I find that I might wear them out three or four times a week, so one is ample. Most people you are dining with have no idea that you've worn the same thing every night out. 

And for those who are travelling with you, they are so full of admiration that you're travelling light that they are very accepting of your limited wardrobe!

I bought this silk top in Amalfi! Such great memories every time I wear it.

Plan the perfect travel wardrobe with multi-functional clothing.

I had a modal wrap top that I had for 18 years. It could be tied in multiple ways and it hung beautifully. 

I took it to Italy back in 2017 as my going-out top - and I think I wore it once! Such were the limited occasions that I felt I needed to dress-up.

BUT, if I was having more nice occasions it would have been perfect. 

Sadly that top perished - it was worn lots over those 18 years - I wore it before, during and after pregnancies - it was very forgiving. I swore I would not buy another one like it unless it was a navy colour. can imagine how excited I was when Intimo put out a similar top in navy.

I'm so excited to take this on a trip and add it to my fairly minimal home wardrobe.

It can be worn in so many different ways. It does weigh 320g - which is probably the heaviest single piece of clothing I have for travel. However because of it's versatility I would now leave my pashmina scarf at home. 

It's great for layering up my merino underneath and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe - believe me - I gave it a go!! A key piece like this will answer all your questions on how to travel stylishly and how to travel light!

Versatile travel clothing is a growing market.

Women are now demanding clothing that meet their travel demands and the clothing industry is hearing and responding to this. 

I follow a fellow light traveller on Instagram @spliceclothing who are new to the market with supplying clothes that are reversible, light and sit beautifully. Check them out for ideas at Spliceclothing.

More and more companies are getting on board with travel clothing that doesn't need ironing, easy to wash and dry quickly. 

I've found great travel gear in High Street shops. So don't be put off and think you have to go to outdoor stores for all your travel needs.

The best travel shoes for style and comfort.

Ask five different people what constitutes a stylish and comfortable travel shoe and they'll all have different ideas. So the best travel shoes for style and comfort are what works for you!

Make sure they are comfortable and that they suit your travel and clothing style.

I like my shoes to go with multiple outfits. And I will have one pair that I can get away with one pair looking slightly dressier.

I try and limit my travel wardrobe to three pairs of shoes, but those three pairs earn their keep to be on my travel list!

For looking more stylish than my hiking shoes, I take a pair of metallic rose-gold Havaianas - that are perfect on the beach, in a shower, or even with a dress. They also have a strap at the back so are great aqua-shoes (sorry, I know that's not a style statement - but you can see how I like my versatility!)

Not exactly high-fashion but fit for purpose.

I also take a pair of white Ecco leather sneakers that I can wear all day walking the cobblestone streets of Europe, or pair with a skirt, dress or leggings. I'm not a huge follower of fashion but this style works perfectly for me.

White sneakers really are cute walking shoes for travel. I hope this fashion lasts!!

Love white sneakers that go with so many outfits.

Know your style - know what to wear.

Always remember to be yourself and be happy in your own skin.

You are a unique person and we are not all meant to be the same. That goes for fashion and style. 

The best fashion accessory is your smile and get out there and have fun as you travel light with style!


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