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Reversible clothing is brilliant for traveling light.

Reversible clothing gives you so many different options in one piece of clothing. This makes it so much easier to travel light. 

This post does have an affiliate link. This means that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I only affiliate with businesses that I use, know, and like, and Ashly and her Splice Clothing range ticks all those boxes.

Plus, I love her motto - Pack light. Adventure easy!

One top: Four ways. Two different colours and two different necklines.

What is reversible clothing?

Reversible clothing is clothing that can be worn multiple ways. In this case the top I wear above has got two colors - a burgundy/red and a blue/black. I love that one top can look completely different by simply flipping it inside/out or is that outside/in!

The other feature is that is has different necklines. One is a V-neck, and the other is a boatneck. 

This tunic has domes that can make the bottom part of the top looser or tighter. I particularly like the slight sheen to the fabric - it zhooshes up my travel wardrobe. 

I'm not sure how it's done - but the fabric is coloured on both sides - it' not two layers of fabric. So there's a little bit of magic to it!

So, you're probably getting the a-ha moment of how reversible clothing is so clever for traveling light.

Let me introduce you to Ashly at Splice Clothing.

Ashly is a traveller! So she knows what travellers like and need. 

She knows that people -

  • want to carry less and see more,
  • like flexibility in their travel capsule wardrobes,
  • want to look smart,
  • want the clothes to be fast drying and light,
  • want comfortable clothing.

So I think she's onto a winner here.

She's a small business owner and lives in Las Vegas. She's determined to live her dream life - so her love of clothing and design and travel is a brilliant combination.

We met on Instagram @spliceclothing and we connected so well. So you should check her out - she's such a lovely person with a great life and business philosophy.

                                Here's Ashly on the right, modelling her latest leggings and sports top.                                             Photo credit: @spliceclothing

Reversible clothing gives you so many options.

I'll try not to go all mathematical on you...but the more reversible clothing you carry - well, the number of styling options start to be exponential.

I mean, if you have a pair of the reversible joggers, a reversible tunic, and a reversible shirt...that's at least 16 different looks from only three items. 

Even just having one reversible item in your travel wardrobe will make a huge difference in your styling options.

Reversible joggers, tee and shirt from Splice Clothing. Photo credit: @spliceclothing

A reversible clothing story...

A friend of mine was on a bus tour in China with a friend. They both decided that they wanted to try and pack light. 

Her friend had a reversible skirt that was different colours and patterns on each side. They were the talk of the tour as people were so puzzled about how they only had carry-on bags yet they always looked to be wearing a completely different outfit. 

The reversible skirt really had the tour group bamboozled.

Packing light with reversible clothing is very clever.

So, travel might not be on your agenda at the moment - but planning for when we can travel safely is what we can do safely right now. 

Do consider reversible clothing as an option, and check out the awesome packages that Ashly offers over on her Splice Clothing website.

It really is a very clever way to pack light and pack less. 

If you want to learn more about travel clothing, check out my blogpost on an example of my kind of travel capsule wardrobe. Hopefully it will give you some ideas of how you could build your own.

Happy travel planning.

Katherine xo


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