How to pack light to travel right.

The joy of packing light!

Clearly I`m a convert to travelling light so where do I begin to tell you how amazing it is and how easy travel is when carrying so little. You have less to pack, less to arrange, and less to carry.

Packing light makes travel a breeze!

Dr Suess was right when he said, “Oh the places you’ll go.” I’m pretty sure he was talking about packing light!!! And I'm happy to run with that.

I  have had so many occasions where travelling light has been a real life-saver and time-saver.

Like the time I arrived at Sydney’s Central Train Station from the airport and had to catch a country train which was at the complete opposite end of the station. I literally ran to catch it. Fat chance of that with those heavy bags mentioned above.

The ease of catching transport with just carry-on.

All aboard! With my 5.5kg bag venturing to the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia.

Easy commuting with light packing.

Travelling light has been so much fun and given me so many opportunities that I may have missed had I been lugging around my traditional 15-20kg backpack or suitcase. 

Like catching a scooter ride from Yangshou in south east China to Jima Village so I could get to my Tai Chi school on time! 

Or when I accidentally gave myself less than an hour between connecting flights - I ran between the  terminals, and whizzed through check-in. 

Spot me!!

Pack less. See more.

The basic rules of packing light are:

  • Take less
  • Wash more
  • Buy light   
  • Reduce amounts

It’s that easy.  But you do need to give it some thought.

  • Think light, washable clothes and shoes. And take less of it.
  • Think reducing your toiletries and make-up into smaller containers.
Travel with less and see more.

Making it look easy!

So what are the positives of packing light?

  • It means you are self-contained.  Everything I need is with me. I am a complete travelling unit with my small bag. I need nothing more.
  • You can actually carry it! I'm abit of a weakling so this is important to me!!
  • You don’t need anyone to watch your luggage if you’re carrying it. And even if you have a cabin-sized suitcase this is still a very compact way to travel, and light enough to carry up stairs.
  • You end up with belongings that you use over and over. Nothing goes to waste. In fact many light travellers come back saying, “I could’ve done without …”
  • It’s great for getting on-off trains, planes, ferries, and taxis.

Wohoo travel moments.

There’s nothing better than getting your cabin bag out from under your seat of in the overhead locker and heading straight to customs – do not stop at the luggage carousel, do not have $100 in bag fees, you are good to GO! 

On the Sydney trip I mentioned above, I was though customs and on the train to town in 30 minutes of the plane landing. Such a wohoo moment!

While travelling by train in Italy by myself, I loved that my bag could stay with me, while others had to put their large bags in the luggage compartment. My bag never left my sight.

Once you’ve tried travelling lighter you’ll just want to keep improving on it. Clearly I can’t rave enough about it! 

Since my first trip I’ve now travelled with my 5 kilo bag into the North Western Australian outback (including Sydney, Darwin and Perth). I travelled solo to South East China, a romantic holiday in Fiji, a family holiday in Queenstown NZ over winter, and many local trips in New Zealand. And I’ve got lots more planned. It really is fun, and I just love the freedom it gives me.

Packing less is different for everyone. For some it may be 15 kilos or 10 kilos. 

Whatever weight you decide to carry just remember those basic rules.   

  • Take less   
  • Wash more
  • Buy light
  • Reduce amounts

Camouflaged on Capri.

Check out my blog on light travel. In amongst the stories there are lots of tips on how to travel lighter.

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