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Post-pandemic travel planning - plan, test and practice your travel capsule wardrobe.

While you're at home is the perfect time to plan, test and practice your travel wardrobe. As we plan for post-pandemic travel we can get prepared to hit the road when the all-clear is given. 

Read on to see what I've been up to in my "plenty of spare time". I may not be doing any overseas travel but I'm still having fun with my travel capsule wardrobe!

So looking forward to when travel is the norm again.

Be ready to travel light when the all-clear is given.

Being in isolation and lockdown is not a forever thing. I'm very much a Pollyanna - I'm always looking for the silver lining.

So I'm taking this opportunity to have some fun and see if my travel wardrobe can be tweaked for some better looks, lighter options, and trendier ideas.

The first thing I did was PICK MY BASE COLOUR.

No prizes as to what it is - but what is your base colour?

Have a look at your wardrobe - what colour stands out as being a colour you wear a lot of. Is it black, blue, taupe, grey, red...? prizes for guessing what my base colour might be!

Planning your travel wardrobe - the rule of 3's.

The rule of 3's is one often seen in packing light guides.

  •  3 bottoms
  • 3 tops
  • 3 over tops (not sure that's a fashion term - but I mean blouses, shirts, tunics)
  • 3 shoes

So sticking with my base colour, blue, I've now got out 3 bottoms, 3 tops, and 3 overtops that go with my base colour.

The plan here is that they all mic and match. And they can be layered for extra warmth.

Someone can't count - 3 bottoms, 3 tops, 3 over tops...AND a jacket???

Best shoes for packing light.

No, this is not a list of the best shoes. 

The best shoes are the best ones you have in your wardrobe that are:

  • comfortable, 
  • can be worn with all your outfits you've chosen above (yes, they too, mix and match), and 
  • generally on the light and easily packable size. 

My trusty 3 pairs that cover all my travel activities.

Observe your capsule wardrobe.

This is where lockdown really plays it's part! We've got time to just look and ponder our travel capsule wardrobes. 

Hang your travel wardrobe somewhere that you pass by several times a day.

Ask yourself:

  • Do they all mix and match?
  • Do I have something that would work better?
  • Do I have a lighter or more packable option?

For instance,

  • Do I have a lighter tee shirt? 
  • Do I have a pair of trousers that are lighter but just as versatile? 
  • Will my selection of shoes cover all my activities - walking through cobblestone streets, hiking in the hills, going out for dinner.
  • Do I have enough options for the climate I'm going to?

So many questions, but you currently have the time to ponder this. There's no rush.

Both are light and versatile - but merino can be worn more often before washing and dries faster.

Light linen (that clearly needs ironing!!) or light travel trousers?

A selection of scarves - when size does matter!

Have a go at creating your travel capsule wardrobe.

I'd love you to give it go. 

We've all got reasons why we can't do it.

  • Not enough time 
  • I don't have the right clothing
  • I need to carry more than other people
  • I have meetings, weddings, etc to attend
  • I dine out alot
  • I can't afford to buy the travel light gear.

Put those reasons to one side. Go to your wardrobe and I beg you to give it a go.

I think you'll find that alot of those reasons will melt away. You'll be surprised and think, "wow, I can do it". 

What are you waiting for?!!


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