Post-pandemic travel planning.

With borders shut, countries closed to visitors, orders to stay home or stay local, and essential travel only... we can only dream of future travels. But dream, we can! And while you're dreaming you can also do some planning.

Let's not waste this opportunity and travel downtime - but instead put this time to good use and get ready for when we can travel. Let's get our post-pandemic travel planning sorted!

I'm not feeling I'll be back in Italy anytime soon, but I can still dream.

Get ready for when you can travel.

The time is right for travel planning - cos we can't go far at the moment.

If you are thinking of a particular destination - you've got plenty of time to research it. 

I'm a big fan of creating a spreadsheet. I have columns for places to visit, walk, eat, shows, markets etc. It's all in one place - I've also been known to write stuff down on bits of paper - these get lost, thrown out accidentally or just mixed up with other stuff.

When I see something cool on Pinterest, or on the news, or on Instagram  - I make a note of it on my spreadsheet and get back to it later when I have time. 

I cannot rely on my memory to hold random bits of information - so this technique works for me.

A spreadsheet keeps all my planning in one place.

Setting my sights on the Pacific Islands.

Practise your packing light.

You knew I had to drop this one in, didn't you!

But while you're at home, this really is the perfect time to be looking at what you could pack. You can play with how things look together. You can see if you've got most occasions covered. 

When I went on my first light and solo trip back in 2017 - I started the planning back in mid- 2016! It was more than 6 months of planning. This meant that when I left I was pretty certain I had the best mix and match wardrobe  and the best small selection of shoes.

It wasn't perfect - but it was pretty good for a first time effort.

A day of firsts - 1st light trip, 1st solo trip.

It's time to perfect your toiletry and make-up bag.

Now is a great time to look out for small containers to titrate or decant your toiletries and cosmetics into. 

You really don't need to take a 300ml bottle of shampoo, when a 20ml bottle will last you your entire vacation. 

Or better still, use this time to try out some solid shampoo bars - my favourite (and I'm not sponsored) are Ethique bars - they have solid shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, laundry bars (the flash bar is fantastic for getting out stubborn stains). They also have solid facial cleansers and body and face moisturisers.

Makeup can be minimized into smaller color palettes, lipsticks into smaller pottles - once you start looking into it - you'll be surprised how much you can reduce your bag weight. 

Reducing the size and weight of cosmetics.

Practise handwashing!

You might be pleasantly surprised how quick and efficient handwashing can be. 

I'm not talking your whole laundry basket! Just a few items each time.

On my trips I tend to wash every second night - usually some underwear, one or two tee shirts or tops, and a pair of shorts/trousers if needed. So not much at all. 

If you keep on top of your washing it doesn't become this huge massive chore. At the most it will take you 5-10 minutes.

If you had the choice of doing 10 minutes every second night versus two or three hours in a laundromat (wasting valuable sightseeing time) I sure as hell know what I'd rather be doing!

Use a laundry bar (like the Ethique one I mentioned), or Dr Bonners bar, or laundry leaves that you can buy from outdoor stores and see how you go. 

I love drying my washing on the lines (obscured by the shutters) - just like the locals do.

Learn to take the hassle out of travel.

Taking the hassle out of travel is what this is all about. Traveling light makes for much simpler and easier traveling. 

I wrote an early article on my website all about why I do it and how amazingly liberating traveling with just one small bag really was. You can read all about it here -  how to pack light to travel right.

And there's also a wee course you can do that I created on picking the right bag for YOU to travel light successfully. You can check that out here - Choose your bag!

That's probably enough to go on with. 

Feel free to contact me and ask questions. I'm over on Facebook, Instagram and email  - the links are all below.

In the meantime,

Happy travel planning!

Katherine xo


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