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Meet travelling light enthusiast, Ashly, from SPLICE clothing.

The travelling light community is fast-growing, and I love meeting others as passionate about it as I am. 

I want to introduce you to some of my connections, affiliates, social media friends who I have met along the way. They inspire me and make my journey that much more delightful. 

My first guest interview is Ashly, from SPLICE clothing - it's the reversible clothing brand I've spoken about before, and I am an affiliate - which means if you click on the link further down the page and buy something I get a small commission.

So I asked Ashly some questions...

Ashly from SPLICE clothing - she's well into the swing of travelling light. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

Have you always been a travelling light enthusiast?

"I wish I could say I have always been a light packer, but unfortunately that is not the case! I became a travelling light enthusiast after I travelled around the world to 22 countries on 5 continents in 2017 with 50 pounds of luggage with me! 

I packed way too much on that trip and it wasn't the first time - I had always been an over packer who took things "just in case." Extra shoes, multiple dresses, accessories, etc. 

But it was that Round the World trip that opened my eyes to the possibility of packing light and how much easier the adventure would be without all the excess stuff."

Looking back at the heavy bag travel days. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

What started your travelling light journey?

"My travelling light journey started after I returned home from my Round the World trip. The experience of circumventing the globe with multiple inconvenient, heavy bags will do that to a person. I kept thinking there has to be a better way to be able to both 

  1. Pack light and 
  2. Still be able to vary your outfits day to day without having to wear the same thing on repeat. 

And from there, I started working on my line of reversible travel clothing, SPLICE clothing, to help travellers like me pack light and adventure easy so they can focus more on their experience instead of on the baggage."

Ashly out & about in her clothing range. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

You are living travelling light through your clothing brand, tell me about the joy this gives you.

"It feels amazing to not only make a product that makes my life better, but also makes other traveling women's lives better also. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to fuse my passions of traveling and fashion together to design clothing that helps people have even better travel experiences. 

I know how I felt every day that I had to pick up my heavy bags and traverse a new country, so if I can help a woman feel confident and alleviate the burden of having to take so much, then my mission is accomplished :)"

Reversible exercise gear. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

How has your travel experience influenced your products?

"I think my travel experience made me want to focus on simplicity. There are travel clothing brands out there that give you 20 different looks in one, but I felt they were all so complicated to master the styling and sometimes looked a little goofy.  

I wanted to focus on things that still looked like normal clothing, they just happened to be a little more versatile. And let's be honest, if you find something you really love, you want it in multiple colors, right? 

SPLICE clothing helps you pack multiple colors in styles you love without having to pack multiple pieces. I design things that are like staple pieces that will mix and match with things you already plan on packing so your style range goes a little bit further no matter how many pieces of reversible clothing you take with you. 

Overall, it's about making the whole experience of packing and dressing for trips easier!"

"Pack light & Adventure Easy" - Ashly @spliceclothing. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

Has travel given you the courage to build a business?

"Absolutely! I have always wanted to own my own business even from when I was a little kid. I even got my college degree in Entrepreneurship. But it wasn't until I came back from my Round the World trip that I actually had the courage to launch my business."

When you tell people you travel light, what are their reactions?

"I think people are fairly impressed to hear that I went from being a complete over packer to #teamcarryononly. And I think they're pleasantly surprised to hear I design clothing that could help them get there too. 

Sometimes it's a hard thing for people to understand why I would "limit" myself like that, but once I explain some of the benefits and my personal experiences, I think they really start to understand."

Clothing that's designed for real travel. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

What are your three top tips for people just getting started in travelling light?

1. Start building a travel capsule wardrobe of things that you know travel easily and can mix and match with whatever else you decide to bring on a particular trip. 

2. Limit the size of your bag. Get a new carry-on that fits all or at least most airlines size limits. Do Katherine's 'Choose Your Bag' Course! 

3. Don't leave your packing to the last minute! Plan ahead, have a packing list, and maybe even do a little packing practice so when the time comes you don't feel pressured to overpack.

Ashly exploring Petra, Jordan. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

What did you wish you knew at the start with travelling light?

"I wish I knew more about it when I was packing for my Round the World Trip 😂😂  

One important thing that I wish I knew especially, was that most things I could possibly need, I can find where I'm going. I brought a lot of things that I might have used once or twice but carried it for over nine months and definitely could have gone without it. 

Also, that saying "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money" - Susan Heller - such great advice!"

What do you love most about travelling light?

"I love the freedom packing light allows me while I'm travelling. I'm not bogged down by things I don't need and I really get to enjoy the moment more."

Ashly - Helping travellers pack less. Photo credit: SPLICE clothing.

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Ashly.

With the SPLICE clothing motto of PACK LIGHT & ADVENTURE EASY, it's easy to see why Ashly and I get on so well. 

I find talking to others who travel with less really encouraging, and we're all out there cheering you on to give it a go. Like Ashly, I was once a lugger of heavy bags, and I could be quite grumpy on travel days! But now there's a real lightness to my travels, and it starts with one bag!

Click on this SPLICE clothing link if you'd like to see the range of reversible travel clothing that Ashly has designed and produced. She also posts for free worldwide!

If you want to ask Ashly any questions or want to follow her, head over to @spliceclothing on Instagram. 

And if you want to do my 'Choose Your Bag' course that Ashly mentioned, click on the link.

Look out for more interviews coming soon. 

In the meantime, keep planning those de-light-ful travels,

Katherine xo


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