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How to add style to your travel capsule wardrobe with scarves.

If you've got a simple, mix and match travel capsule wardrobe, the best way to give it variety and different looks is by adding in accessories. The simplest accessories are jewellery and scarves. Today I'll focus on scarves.

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Woman on beach wearing a scarf at sunset.

Any excuse for wearing a scarf! A beautiful warm evening in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Add flare to your travel capsule wardrobe with scarves.

For their weight and style, scarves pack a powerful punch in any travel capsule wardrobe.

With your travel wardrobe all set with everything mix and match, bringing in some different colours or textures with scarves can really elevate your look.

Scarves are great for a pop of colour and to change a look quickly and easily.

In the collage below you can see how two different scarves can change one top quite dramatically.

Yes, that is the same top from SPLICEclothing- not only reversible inside and out, but  a V-neck and boat-neck option. Two scarves and one top gives EIGHT style options!!! That's pretty impressive packing right there!

A variety of scarves worn different ways.

The best scarves for travelling light.

Scarves that you already have are a great start. You already know how they work with your clothes, and you know that they are comfortable.

I tend to leave delicate scarves at home. Travelling can be a bit hard on clothes, so I save delicate clothing behind, and opting for more robust clothing on the road.

Scarves that compliment your travel wardrobe are also a great addition. They can add that contrast of pattern, colour and texture to change the look easily.

Light scarves are easier to pack when space is at a premium. When I was in Chicago and New York in December 2019 I knew I'd need a snug scarf to keep the bitter winds out. I chose a bright coloured scarf that lifted my spirits on the grey days. My current scarves weigh between 50g and 150g (that's 1.8 - 5.3 oz).

Larger scarves can be used as wraps or rugs on chilly flights. But large doesn't have to mean heavy. I've got a silk scarf that is surprisingly warm. I also have a chunky cotton scarf that is robust and lighter than scarves that are like blankets in weight.

Woman in Central Park, New York wearing a bright scarf.

Forever known as my Chicago/New York scarf!

A buff or neck warmer as a travel scarf option.

I'm a huge fan of buffs - that's what we call them in New Zealand. 

They are small, don't use a lot of material and are lightweight.

My buff is merino/smartwool and I often wear it under a larger scarf as an extra layer. It can also be worn as a hat, ear warmer or a balaclava - leaving only your eyes to being exposed to the weather.

Beating away the winter chills in Chicago with a buff  and scarf.

Think about adding scarves to your travel capsule wardrobe.

The versatility that scarves offer is wonderful. And not just for cooler weather - I use lighter ones during summer to reduce my exposure to UV rays. 

I'm also a collector of scarves - it's often the one souvenir I treat myself to as they are light and take up no space. There's nothing like wearing something that reminds you of an overseas trip or a special weekend away. 

Have a play with scarves and your travel wardrobe. You'll be surprised at how many different looks you can create with the stylish layering of a simple scarf.

Travel scarves and souvenirs

Just a few pieces of my international scarf collection from China, Italy, Australia & NZ.


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