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Best tip on how to pack light - learn to count the squeezes!

So, you want to pack the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet when you travel? What if you could pack all the liquid cosmetics you use at home and have it all fit in a small toiletry or cosmetic bag? 

You think I'm kidding, right?  Read on... Let me show you my best tip on how to pack light with liquid cosmetics.

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The key to travelling light is to TAKE LESS!

Take less...take less... take less!

Keep that mantra in your head.

You can take all the things you use in your personal daily rituals on your travels (if you wish to) by taking smaller quantities of it.

Squeezing moisturiser into a small jar.


Let's do an exercise... no sweating required!

Go to your bathroom and pull out all the liquid cosmetics and toiletries you use in a normal day.

In the morning you might have:

  • Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face scrub. 
  • Toner, sunscreen, moisturiser, eye cream. 
  • Hair gel, toothpaste. 
  • Foundation, concealer.

At night you have your bed routine - so get out the

  • face wash, moisturiser, face serum. 

I bet you've got ALOT of stuff in front of very big and heavy jars, tubes and bottles.

Those full containers add up to a lot of weight. And you'll probably only use a fraction of each container if you packed all of these full amounts.

Ask yourself, are these all essential while I'm away?

Decide what's essential and then let's start looking at carrying smaller amounts.

Those full containers add up to a lot of weight. And you'll probably only use a fraction of each container if you packed all of these full amounts.

A mixture of travel containers to pack light.

Get out your small containers - we're about to put them to use!

To learn how to pack light - Learn to count the squeezes!

There is a science to travelling light, and it starts with toiletries and cosmetics.

Here's how I do it.

  1.  I decide my trip is going to be 2 weeks away (14 days).
  2. I decide what I MUST take.
  3. I calculate how much I use each day. 
  4. Multiply the daily amount by the number of days away.
  5. I decide on the right size jar or bottle to titrate that amount into.

Here's an example. 

I use about 0.25ml of moisturiser every day. So if I'm away for 14 days that's 

14 x 0.25 = 3.5ml

More simply, do a squeeze of the normal amount you use every day - Count the squeezes!

Another example...

You might wash your hair three times a week, using 10ml per wash. 

10 x 6 washes = 60ml - see you don't need that 100ml (3oz) bottle.


Seriously, this one tip could save you so much space and weight in your travel bag. That's why I say it's my best tip for how to pack light!

Different sized shampoo bottles to travel light.

Counting the squeezes will save you space and weight.

Want to learn more about packing toiletries?

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We talk all about travelling light with toiletries and all about counting the squeezes! 

Happy travel planning,

Katherine xo


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